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Our Services 

Here at Galaxy Freight International, we offer a comprehensive range of air and sea freight services. Our expert team of freight and import specialists is always happy to analyse your requirements, and then provide a tailored, reliable, cost-effective freight solution that meets all your needs.

Air Freight

Air freight is the most common choice for freight that needs to arrive quickly. Galaxy Freight International can help guide you through the seemingly complicated process of organising air freight, including selecting a carrier, obtaining a cost-effective price, and even arranging all the necessary paperwork. We’ll coordinate the entire process, from pick up right through to delivery.

Faster transit times, competitive pricing, and a vast network of carrier choices are just a few of the benefits you can expect when using our air freight services. Whether your international or domestic air freight needs to be expedited, consolidated, deferred, or any other type of customised solution, our experienced international freight experts will tailor the perfect plan just for you.

Sea Freight

Galaxy Freight International offers a complete range of international sea freight services for all destinations across the globe. We provide a total sea freight service covering not only the movement of your precious cargo, but also customs clearance, all documentation and even tariff classification.

Sea freight is the perfect option when you’re not in too much a rush to receive your cargo. Plus, it is extremely cost effective and an incredibly safe way to transport your goods all across the globe. And, these days, all types of cargo can be shipped by sea, from standard cargo to bulk, oversized and heavy cargoes, and even dangerous goods.

Domestic Air and Road Freight

Whether you're sending across town or across the country, Galaxy Freight International is here to help. Our domestic air and road freight services can deliver your goods to virtually every address in Australia. We offer a wide variety of domestic delivery services including interstate couriers, road express services, and a variety of other freight solutions.

Our domestic air and road freight solutions can often come in handy when transporting large or bulky goods, for which regular courier services just won’t do the trick. Rest assured, whatever your domestic freight needs might be, we’ll have a cost-effective solution on hand.

Import and Export Services

Galaxy Freight International’s import and export services team is well-versed in all the latest laws and regulations, is able to drastically reduce your paperwork load, expedites the transport of your precious cargo and, most importantly, is able to lower your shipping costs.

With Galaxy Freight International on your side, you can rest assured that our convenient, flexible, reliable export services will help you complete your shipping export with ease. And, you are assured of the same peace of mind with all our import services; we provide many options as possible, tailored to your importing needs.

Customs Clearance

If you’re not an experienced importer, organising customs’ clearance can be a nightmare. So, why not let us handle this for you? We will gladly pass on our professional shipping expertise regarding your particular products and circumstances, providing you with a complete logistics picture and facilitating seamless imports.

Once we have all appropriate documentation (such as a bill of lading, commercial invoices, packing declarations and letters of authority), we can evaluate your cargo in line with the Australian Customs Tariff. We’ll then inform you of the best possible way to proceed with customs clearance. Then, we’ll lodge your cargo with both the Australian Customs and the AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service). Finally, we’ll notify you of the result of the clearance.