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Customs Duty and GST

Customs Duty

If your shipment is valued under AUD$1000.00, then no customs duty will apply.

If your shipment is valued over AUD$1000.00, then your customs duty will vary from zero, up to 10%.

You will need to check with your Customs Broker for the correct customs classification and duty rate. Some of these can be found on the Customs web site but the customs tariff is rather complex and can be difficult to understand.

Customs Brokers are trained to determine what classification your goods fall rate can be applied. There are tariff classifications that also relate to customs By-Laws, if your goods fall into a Customs By-Law then its possible your cargo could be Duty Free.

Your Customs Broker will check for all these variables when classifying your goods.

Australian GST

Any Commercial Invoice valued over AUD$1000.00 incurs a GST fee. This is calculated by Australian Customs, using the following formula:

  • Invoice value + any Duty + Freight cost + Insurance x 10%

As you can see, GST is not just 10% of the invoice value. Many people get caught out with this, so its important to keep it in mind.