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Whether you're sending across town or across the country, Galaxy Freight International is here to help. Our domestic air and road freight services can deliver your goods to virtually every address in Australia. We offer a wide variety of domestic delivery services including interstate couriers, road express services, and a variety of other freight solutions.

Our domestic air and road freight solutions can often come in handy when transporting large or bulky goods, for which regular courier services just won’t do the trick. Rest assured, whatever your domestic freight needs might be, we’ll have a cost-effective solution on hand.

Local Transport

Here at Galaxy Freight International, we offer a range of local transport options, including small courier vans, utes, 10 ton trucks, and even container trucks. Regardless of which option you need, you can rest assured that all will be used to deliver your precious cargo carefully, and safely from any Australian airport, depot, or wharf direct to your door. Our local transport services include:

  • Airfreight Deliveries: These come either from a freight forwarders depot or direct from the airport to your address. You have storage periods from 1-4 days (all depots have different storage periods) of free storage at these depots to allow your freight to clear customs and quarantine.
  • LCL Deliveries: These come out of a freight forwarders depot. It can take 5-7 days after the ship has arrived before freight is available for pickup. It can also take 2-3 hours to pickup freight from these depots, due to long pickup lines.
  • FCL Deliveries: These come straight from the wharf. Trucking companies need to obtain a Time Slot from the wharf to be able to pick the container up. Time Slots are limited on a day-to-day basis. Once the container is available to pickup (normally 1-2 days after vessel arrivals), the trucking company attempts to secure a time slot. Keep in mind that for a larger vessel, time slots may not be available on the day that you want your container.

Domestic Air Freight

Domestic air freight in Australia is serviced by Qantas and Virgin, our two major domestic airlines. Not all cities are serviced by these airlines, and they only service airport to airport. There are also some smaller regional airlines around the country on which small shipments can be placed. However, most regional aircraft are small, and have limited cargo space.

But don’t let these issues deter you, if you want a door-to-door domestic air freight delivery, then contact us today; we can tailor a shipment according to your timeframe and destination.

Domestic Road Freight

There are a large number of reliable, professional road transport companies around Australia, all of which we have long-standing relationships with. Each road transport company has their own strengths and weakness. So why not let us secure the best supplier for your needs and destination? We can organise the right company to do the right job.

Galaxy Freight International has been organising domestic freight movements for many
years, helping ship everything from film companies to playground equipment. Whether you have just one envelope, or an entire truck-load, we can tailor a domestic freight service especially for you.


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