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Freight Guarantees

If a freight company guarantees your shipment, then you may want to reconsider their services. There are so many people involved in getting your freight to its final destination that a guarantee simply isn’t realistic.

The situation is even worse when it comes to a sea freight shipment; your freight will pass through the many hands of so many people, including:

  • The Pick up Driver
  • The Receiving Depot (in some cases the freight may have to move by train to get to the receiving depot)
  • The unloading person
  • The container loading person
  • The container movement to wharf
  • The container unloading at receiving wharf
  • The vessel loaders (also some vessels will tranship in another country before it get’s to you, so more unloading and loading)
  • The destination vessel unloaders
  • The container pickup truck
  • The container unloading depot (For LCL cargo)
  • The fork driver unloading the container
  • The fork driver loading the delivery truck
  • And finally, the fork driver who unloads the delivery truck

As you can see, there are many hands within the process, which makes the likelihood of something going wrong quite high. While 99% of the time things move smoothly, there is still that 1% chance that things might go wrong.