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Freight Terminology

We’ve put together a list of some of the most commonly used freight and import industry terminology, to make the process a little easier for you.

  • AWB (Air Waybill): This is the legal contract between you and the airline or freight forwarder.
  • B/L (Bill of Lading): This is the legal contract between you and the shipping line or freight forwarder.
  • BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor): This is a Fuel Surcharge for Sea Freight.
  • CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor): This is the exchange rate adjustment between overseas currency and the Australian dollar.
  • CFS (Container Freight Station): This is where your cargo is being held while being cleared by Customs.
  • CY (Container Yard): You may see this on a bill of lading; it refers to the term Container Yard to Container Yard
  • FCL: Full Container Load
  • LCL: Less than Container Load
  • M/M: Minimum Freight Charge.
  • W/M (Weight Measure): This means that your freight is charged on the greater, actual cubic or the weight cubic
  • CBM: Cubic Metres
  • CABAF: Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor